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Jonathan Dunne:

“Heather has helped me edit four of my books, and I found her to be really concise and specific. Nothing passes without scrutiny! A really reliable eagle-eyed reader!”

(Lighthouse Jive, Hearts Anonymous, Hide the Elephant, The Nobody Show)

James Rourke:

“If you love your manuscript, you'll be elated with how it shines after Heather performs her magic! She edited two manuscripts for me, and it was truly a pleasure to see them both improve through the rounds of editing. Thorough, detailed, and meticulous are but three words that capture Heather's work. Equally important, she enjoys the work and is very responsive to emails, sharing ideas, and collaborating to make your manuscript the best it can be.”


(Stone Souls, Out of the Basement)

Susan Glenney:

“Heather Doughty is a true gem. She was there for me for many rewrites, always with patience, always supporting me. She is highly organized, a great listener, and follows through 100 percent. She has good instincts and shaped my book so it's the best it could be. Look no further, Heather is the woman to go to.”


(Moments in Time with 16 Men)

Martin Olsen:

“Heather worked as my editor for all my recent campaign materials and administered my Facebook page by researching, creating, and posting engaging material. As confident as I am in my own writing, Heather raised the level of my prose, and her clear and concise style enhanced my written communication. Her ability to grasp many topics and her expansive vocabulary are assets in her work. I strongly recommend Heather for anyone who wishes to sharpen their letters, presentations, and documents.”


(campaign material)

Rich Denton:

“Heather has an amazing way of helping me articulate my thoughts more clearly and in a voice that remains my own. I appreciate her attention to detail, thoroughness in researching peculiarities, and impeccable task management skills. Her efforts have guided me to become a better writer, and our final product has proven to be effective with my audience. We have worked together for many years, and I look forward to benefitting from her insights for a long time to come.”


(personal statement)

Kelly Watkins:

“Heather’s editing skills are thoughtful, thorough, and precise. I particularly appreciate that she offers options for phrasing and compiling information. Super easy to work with and timely…I can’t recommend her highly enough!”


(résumé and personal statement)

Lyvie Beyrent:

“Heather helped me edit my personal statement for several college applications to pursue my DMA (Doctoral of Musical Arts) in Conducting. She was extremely thorough and had very positive comments, along with a detailed outline of how it should be structured for flow. She gave suggestions on sentences or words that would work better, and even welcomed the chance to edit it a second time. I would not hesitate to use her again to edit my future papers or documents. I highly recommend her!”


(personal statement)

Previous Work

7 ft Heart, Shawn Mobilio (December 2019, Shawn Mobilio) Amazon

Out of the Basement, James Rourke (not yet published)

Moments in Time with 16 Men, Susan Glenney (August 2019, Kenyon publishing)

Stone Souls, James Rourke (not yet published)

Lighthouse Jive, Jonathan Dunne (published October 2016, Jonathan Dunne)

Hearts Anonymous, Jonathan Dunne (published April 2016, Jonathan Dunne)

Hide the Elephant, Jonathan Dunne (published October 2015, Jonathan Dunne)

The Nobody Show, Jonathan Dunne (published December 2014, Jonathan Dunne)

The Company of Friends, Tony Manera (published May 2014, Tony Manera) Amazon

The Incredible Band of John Philip Sousa, Appendix iv, Paul E. Bierley (published 2006, University of Illinois Press) Amazon

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