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Why do you need a copyeditor? Is the cost worth it?


You’ve finished writing and a few people have read it and really like it. What now?

Now you hire a copyeditor! A fresh set of eyes that are unbiased and objective is just what you need. Editing is a substantial part of the process between writing and publishing, and it’s not something that should be skipped. Résumés and statements of work need to be free from errors so you stand out in the market. Independent authors depend on good reviews to sell their books. Reviews and judgments that focus on bad editing, flaws, and errors only hurt your credibility and sales. A copyeditor will spot the flaws you don't see. It makes a big difference!


Hiring a copyeditor is an investment in yourself and your writing. It’s in your best interest to find a copyeditor who can help you make your writing shine.


A famous rock star doesn’t roll out of bed ready to perform. It takes a team to get that rock star ready for the public. That support and assistance creates the polished product we all see and hear. Hire me to be on your team to polish your writing and get it ready for the world to see.



What level of editing does my project need?


That’s a great question, and I’d like to help you find the answer. Send me your project (if it’s small) or send me a few chapters (if it’s large), and I will create a scope of work proposal that lets you know exactly what your project needs. I can even give you a sample edit (up to 1000 words). Estimates and sample edits are complimentary.


What should I expect when you are working on my project?


Once we begin the process, I prefer to communicate electronically, but I recognize that some issues may warrant a video or voice chat.


I prefer three read-throughs:

First read: I approach the manuscript as a reader to get to know your voice, the characters, the plots, and I document any questions I have.


Second read: I go through the manuscript to identify structural concerns and perform a medium to heavy edit, depending on the needs. When I’ve completed this, I will send it back to you to make changes. If you prefer to receive it in smaller chunks, I can accommodate this request.

Third read: Ideally, I go through for a proofread. If changes still need to be made, this can be a light copyedit. I’ll send it back to you for updates. Once I get it back, I will complete a final check.

You will receive a style sheet along with the manuscript. The style sheet is both for me and for you. My style sheets are used for tracking characters and dates, monitoring details and plots, identifying preferences for spellings and usages, and for identifying recurring issues that need to be addressed.


Book manuscripts will typically take three to four weeks from start to finish, depending on the word count and type of editing needed. Other projects can typically be completed within a few days.


Time estimate for work:


Structural editing: one to three pages per hour

Heavy/medium editing: four to six pages per hour

Medium/light editing: six to eight pages per hour

Proofreading: eight to ten pages per hour



Can you guarantee my book will be published?


No, I am not a book publisher. But I can help you get your book ready to publish by working with you to polish the writing. There are many ways to get your book published, and I’m happy to recommend some of those ways to you when we’ve completed the work.

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